Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back Porch Pals

I must say, when it comes to fashion, my friends are some of my biggest influences.  I particularly adore how my close friends all dress so true to themselves.  Each of their  unique and whimsical styles encourage me to draw from my own inspirations like ballet and the 1960s.

Meet my good friend Tyke.  I met him this past fall through work, and he's quickly become  such a great pal.  I've spent so many nights with him on these steps having a couple of drinks and listening to Taylor Swift (22 is gaunted to be played every time).  Tyke loves to play on irony through his clothing.  What I enjoy the most about his personal style is his use of trends that make fun of other trends.

"I'm like an alien who made a pair of trousers out of roadkill. I love raw organic materials...and gender bending...well kinda I mean I dress like a cute lesbian."
-Tyke Riggs

Wearing: Jacket- thrifted; Sweater & SkitUrban Outfitters; Watch- Marc By Marc Jacobs.   |Amanda|
Shirt- UNIF. Sunnies- vintage.  |Tyke|

All Photos by Jane Kim Photo.

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