Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NYC Fashion Studies Tour

Finals and a work overload have kept me away from my blog, which I hope to never have happen again, but now I'm back in action!

I recently went on a fashion studies tour through my school Columbia College Chicago to New York City!  The tour consisted of five days straight of visiting different factories of designers and craftsmen in the Garment District and a few elsewhere such as STUDY New York and Ann Taylor Co.  After I completed all appointments with my class I was able to explore NYC with some help from my good friend Katie.  Browsing the windows on 5th avenue late my second night was most definitely one of my favorite moments of this trip. 

 My visit to the STUDY NY factory was my favorite stop on the tour.  The brand is designed and run by Tara St. James.  STUDY NY is a sustainable woman's wear line, with aesthetic carrying a heavy influence from menswear.  Aside from completely adoring her products, I completely respect everything she has done with creating these fashions in a sustainable way.  I was really blown away when she showed my class a pair of pants produced from recycled pop bottles! I'm super grateful to have had such an educational but thrilling experience.  Above are some photos of my favorite parts of my trip to NYC!

1. A trip to STC Textile, a pattern and grading facility.
2. A walk through Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan's factories.
3. Stumbling upon a lovely little bakery in SoHo.
4. Snacked on macarons imported from Pairs!
5. Sipped on yummy hot chocolate with my banana pancakes in Bedford.
6. Toured through Nanette Lepore's factory and ended in her gorgeous showroom.
7. Ended my final day in NYC on a ferry ride from Brooklyn to Wall Street to Visit the 9/11 memorial.

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