Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tea Party

When you're down down in the dumps what else is there to do but have a tea party! My roommates and I decided to turn a dull Saturday night into a delightful and yummy evening.  Throwing on our favorite dresses, snacking on tasty treats, sipping mint infused tea and listening to Brigitte Bardot's "C'est Rigolo" album most definitely made for a lovely evening.

This TopShop dress is without a doubt is one of my absolute favorites! From it's mint color, to the baroque print with a contrasting lighter mint thread, and especially the off the shoulder neckline... every detail of this little darling I am in love with.  A tea party was a perfect excuse to jump into this baby. 

Wearing: Dress- TopShop; Socks- American Apparel

Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Summer Love

This beauty is without a doubt my FAVORITE summer dress! I love everything about it.  From the ruching, to the chiffon material, and of course the floral print.  It's safe to even say I'm obsessed with it.  Slight changes of accessories paired with this dress easily allow it to go from casual to classy. I stole the idea to pair it with these Jeffery Campbell boots from my good friend Erin Joy. But without a doubt the perfect dress for a breezy summer day. 

Wearing: Dress & Sunnies- Urban Outfitters; Shoes - Jeffery Campbell for Free People;  Bag- thrifted Coach

All Photos by Jane Kim Photo.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Summer Stroll

It's hard to deny that overalls were a staple piece of clothing throughout my childhood.  This pair that I thrifted a few months ago are most definitely a staple piece within my closet now. I absolutely adore this pair! They've been just wonderful to have for summer...perfect for music festivals.  I like to pair them with light cotton or lace tops, like this cream lace crop-top.  I added my favorite wire headband to add a 60's flare to this simple outfit.  And of course topped off with my favorite sunnies of this summer!

Wearing: Overalls-thrifted; Top & Sunnies- Urban Outfitters; Shoes & Headband; American Apparel

All Photos by Jane Kim Photo.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Peaches 'n Cream

During my trip to New York City last month I picked up this lovely little number.  In all honesty this dress was my favorite purchase in New York.  Everything about it is perfect from the color, to the fit, and especially the texture.  I've been into mixing pastels lately so I paired my new favorite dress with a vintage mint Dooney and Bourke handbag.  

Wearing: Dress- PEMA; Shoes- Bass Shoe Co.; Handbag- Vintage; Watch- Marc By Marc Jacobs

All Photos by Jane Kim Photo.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

NYC Fashion Studies Tour

Finals and a work overload have kept me away from my blog, which I hope to never have happen again, but now I'm back in action!

I recently went on a fashion studies tour through my school Columbia College Chicago to New York City!  The tour consisted of five days straight of visiting different factories of designers and craftsmen in the Garment District and a few elsewhere such as STUDY New York and Ann Taylor Co.  After I completed all appointments with my class I was able to explore NYC with some help from my good friend Katie.  Browsing the windows on 5th avenue late my second night was most definitely one of my favorite moments of this trip. 

 My visit to the STUDY NY factory was my favorite stop on the tour.  The brand is designed and run by Tara St. James.  STUDY NY is a sustainable woman's wear line, with aesthetic carrying a heavy influence from menswear.  Aside from completely adoring her products, I completely respect everything she has done with creating these fashions in a sustainable way.  I was really blown away when she showed my class a pair of pants produced from recycled pop bottles! I'm super grateful to have had such an educational but thrilling experience.  Above are some photos of my favorite parts of my trip to NYC!

1. A trip to STC Textile, a pattern and grading facility.
2. A walk through Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan's factories.
3. Stumbling upon a lovely little bakery in SoHo.
4. Snacked on macarons imported from Pairs!
5. Sipped on yummy hot chocolate with my banana pancakes in Bedford.
6. Toured through Nanette Lepore's factory and ended in her gorgeous showroom.
7. Ended my final day in NYC on a ferry ride from Brooklyn to Wall Street to Visit the 9/11 memorial.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back Porch Pals

I must say, when it comes to fashion, my friends are some of my biggest influences.  I particularly adore how my close friends all dress so true to themselves.  Each of their  unique and whimsical styles encourage me to draw from my own inspirations like ballet and the 1960s.

Meet my good friend Tyke.  I met him this past fall through work, and he's quickly become  such a great pal.  I've spent so many nights with him on these steps having a couple of drinks and listening to Taylor Swift (22 is gaunted to be played every time).  Tyke loves to play on irony through his clothing.  What I enjoy the most about his personal style is his use of trends that make fun of other trends.

"I'm like an alien who made a pair of trousers out of roadkill. I love raw organic materials...and gender bending...well kinda I mean I dress like a cute lesbian."
-Tyke Riggs

Wearing: Jacket- thrifted; Sweater & SkitUrban Outfitters; Watch- Marc By Marc Jacobs.   |Amanda|
Shirt- UNIF. Sunnies- vintage.  |Tyke|

All Photos by Jane Kim Photo.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I've gotta say I have a hard time passing up accessories with heart details.  These tights are my absolute favorite pair! Here's a little secret, I actually have an enormous run on the upper right thigh.  The day it happened I quickly stitched it up, and have been hoping ever since I don't get another one. The heart broach with a pearl I found at a thrift store in the suburb my parents live in.  What I like most about it is how simple it is.  Plus the pearl, I can never say no to pearls.  Both of these dainty heart details really spruce up this simple dress.  

Wearing- DressUrban Outfitters, TightsModCloth, Shoes: Chelsea Crew, Bag: Thrifted.

All Photos by Jane Kim Photography.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lavender Lovin'

Well, yesterday we received another tease of spring weather. But I can't complain, I had a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I began the day  having brunch with a friend at Frontier in Wicker Park.  After brunch, we grabbed some coffee at The Wormhole then strolled over to one of her favorite Comic book stores.  I'm not usually one for comics, but I enjoyed having her show me some of her favorites.  It was a much-needed relaxing day after such a busy week with school, work, and working the StyleMax fashion trade show for the first time.

But what really made this day fantastic was walking around in the sun in my new Jeffery Campbell for Free People boots! I fell madly in love with these babies the second I put them on.  I received them in the mail last Tuesday, and have worn them almost every day since. I love how well this drop-waist lavender dress goes with them so well.

Wearing- DressUrban Outfitters; Boots: Free PeopleBag: Vintage Coach

All Photos by Jane Kim Photography.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Flower Power

Every spring, select Macy's locations hold their annual flower show.  I went for the first time in years this past week and I was absolutely amazed! The entire show was completely inspiring.  Being in a huge room surrounded by some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen was just wonderful.  The props and decor continued to stun me as well.

The ninth floor event room was completely filled with dozes of flowered accents of South Asian culture.  The flowers were flown in from Florida a few weeks before the show.  I can't even begin to imagine the work and planning required to set up an event as spectacular as this one.  If you were unable to visit the show this year in Chicago, New York, or Austin, be sure to treat yourself to this lovely experience next year!